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Kanoo Blue

Kanoo Blue

The Kanoo Blue team based on decades of experience and painstaking due diligence in the technology sector has identified and currently offers niche cutting edge technologies in the following segments :

Asset Integrity

Kanoo Blue, jointly with international market innovators & leaders in the corrosion segment offers multiple cutting edge technologies that enable comprehensive corrosion control and substantial cost savings for the corrosion mitigation of new and old above and below grade assets of the energy & infrastructural segment.

Green Buildings

Kanoo Blue brings novel technologies that helps the public and private sector make energy efficient homes and buildings enabling substantial savings in energy bills.

High Energy Radiation & Magnetic Shielding

Kanoo Blue offers custom built cutting edge shielding solutions for Medical industry.

Concrete Innovation

Kanoo Blue adds value by introducing new concrete technologies that stretch the durability & longevity of concrete and increases the design life of infrastructures.

Personel Protection

Kanoo Blue also offers technologies that save lives of personel in the downstream and upstream segments of the Oil & Gas industry